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I’ll be honest here. The thing that pisses me off the most is when people (seemingly) all the time post about how my blog contains no information, how I’m just like Shoemoney now, I don’t post useful information at all, etc. The majority of it comes in emails and comments on blogs.

If you’re a person that says my blog doesn’t contain any good information…you’re simply wrong. I try to not be conceited at all, but my blog probably pushes the limits the most when it comes to giving out information about affiliate marketing. This post was inspired from how the last 7 days have gone. In this past week, I have had 3 individuals IM me saying they’ve been following my blog religiously and implementing every bit of advice I give. These three individuals are now making over $2,000/day, and they attribute almost all of it to the tips they read here. That was an awesome thing to hear and I enjoyed hearing the whole story. One chap even had a 300-400% ROI and will be at $5,000/day by the end of the month. No lies at all, I’m sure each one of the guys would come here and comment to confirm that I’m not lying.

Seriously though, how much do you think one person can write about affiliate marketing? You complain that I have off-topic posts (this is my blog, so deal with it), but do you want me to repeat what I’ve already said before? Let’s think here…what is affiliate marketing…

Building Landing Pages

Landing Page Keys To Success
Landing Page Tips

Keyword Research

Uber Keyword Research

Quality Score and PPC

How I Do Quality Score
What PPC Engine To Start With
Adwords Mistakes

Scaling/Managing Campaigns

How To Scale A Campaign
How Much To Invest In A Campaign
Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing
5 Super Affiliate Strategies To Boost Profits

Case Studies

Diet Pills – How I Ran It


The Mindset Of A Millionaire
Act Like A Super Affiliate
Diversification or Domination?
Earnings Screenshot


Not to mention the affiliate marketing guide I put together, as well as the 100+ questions I’m in the middle of answering covering all aspects of affiliate marketing. There’s a ton of other helpful articles that I just don’t feel like posting because none of this is worth my time for the idiots who think there’s nothing to gain from this blog and what I write.

So you’re going to unsubscribe because you disagree with an off-topic post or because you got rick rolled? Awesome I’ll laugh as I still watch my reader count jump up 50-100/day. I post more affiliate marketing information than 99% of the other blogs out there, so have a nice day and the others that are banking on my information will laugh at you too.

P.S. If you have a success story, email it to me paul [at] uberaffiliate [dot] com. I love hearing about them all the time and if you write up a little paragraph I’ll post it on the blog.


  1. April 4, 2008

    Don’t listen to the haters. The people that are complaining will never be successful. I’ve been in business over 15 years & it is the same thing everywhere I go. The simple fact is that 90%+ of people are just not very good at business. Don’t worry about it – and by the way, what the hell are they talking about anyway??? You’ve posted the whole affiliate process for them & they still don’t get it? My rule is to cut the negative people out of my life…the people that bring me down. Also, that bottom 20% of people will do 90% of the bitching, so let them go and be happy they left! :-)

  2. ross
    April 4, 2008

    Hey dude,

    So i learned a TON from this blog and for sure would not be making as much as i am with out it.

    That being said, you can’t let those people get to you. You have to realize that there are gonna be haters when ur blog gets popular, and that comes with success…

    So you gotta brush it off. You can’t go and get all defensive like this b/c it lets people know they are getting to you. Just ignore it and move on. If they don’t like it, then can stop reading. That’s the beauty of blogging…

  3. April 4, 2008

    No, I just don’t go all emo if someone starts criticizing me, and I have absolutely 0 need to back up my earnings numbers with proof. The proof is in my early retirement fund.

    Jealousy is a motherfucker.

  4. April 4, 2008

    Why even justify yourself to those haters? Does not seem like a good use of your time. Although this good summary post is great and should help out alot that are new to this blog. if these people are just too lazy to look for the content themselves then there is no wonder why they are not making any money. just continue doing what you are doing. So what if you post a personal post here and there. It is YOUR blog not theres. Now I have to get back to work so I can be making the big bucks.

  5. Jorge Trigueros
    April 4, 2008

    You know what Paul! You’re right man! This is your blog and as you said , you can post whatever you want to post, those who dont find it useful just go away. People are complying about some of the post, PLEASE REMEMEMBER THAT PAUL IS OFFERING HIS ADVICE TO US FOR FREE!!! HE DOESNT HAVE ANY OBLIGATION AT ALL! WE’RE NOT PAYING HIM ANYTHING! AND HE DOESNT HAVE TO POST INFORMATION OR DETAILS EVERY SINGLE DAY SO THAT YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL , JESUS! COME ON PEOPLE IF YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT SOMETHING GO BACK TO COLLEGE WHERE YOU’RE PAYING MONTHLY AND ASK THEM FOR GOOD INFORMATION!!!! For me every post and every piece of information I can get from this blog and from Paul is valuable! You have to think further guys!

    Well done man!

  6. fred
    April 4, 2008

    lol, you found me out cakes, I am jealous of you, how did you guess?

  7. Matias
    April 4, 2008

    Paul, forget about the losers that are all the time just complaining and not contributing at all, you’ve been sharing very good affiliate marketing info in your blog and besides, if you want to post about things totally unrelated to affiliate marketing, WTH, is you fucking blog, ignore the haters.

    BTW, you should put your readers success stories in your newsletter, i’ve suscribed to it ;)

  8. Sawya
    April 4, 2008

    The blog was meant to help people achieve success in affiliate marketing. Evidently it’s delivered on this promise. He also said it is a personal blog, so there shouldn’t be any surprise when a personal post comes up. Fine if you don’t like this, just unsubscribe, but if you just hang around or keep coming back then you’re either a masochist or you’re deranged and there’s no reason for anyone to take you seriously.

    Fair play if you think the readers are suckers, or the the author is the next chowmoney, but like I said, there’s no real reason for anyone to take your opinion seriously.

  9. April 4, 2008

    WOW bro. over 3000 people! ur hottt!

  10. airbball23
    April 4, 2008

    wickedfire is a good community and if you have any questions they will def. take the time to help you. i have to disagree with you on that tangent.

  11. Kunal
    April 4, 2008

    Dude! Your blog has changed my life. Instead of writing to your email, I thought I would share it with all fellow commenters to realize how powerful and profound your words have effected me.

    Before I started reading this blog, my life was complete shambles. I was on the verge of losing my job, my wife was about to leave me, because my true passion was internet marketing. I just didn’t have any direction.

    Then I started getting bombarded with the likes of Andrew Wee or Amit Mehta, or all those other affiliate marketers who pulled my vulnerablilty strings about how easy it was to make a decent living online.

    I was hooked.

    Even though my full time income just allowed me to get by, I decided to take a leap of faith and get Amit’s program. The program costed a few hundred dollars, while to some may seem like peanuts, to me, it was a pretty big descision.

    While learning the ropes, I came across your blog, and seriously, I was blown away by the amount of content you had here.

    I learned, piece by piece, read your posts religiously, and went through your affiliate resource guide.


    Now, three months later, I’m banking close to $100k a month, I dumped my old bat (some may call her my wife) and picked up a hot blonde who keeps me up all damn night long, baby! Hell, even my chest hair is growing in longer, and darker.

    Life is at the tops! and its all thanks to you, Paul!

    I just want to gloat for a second: I’m getting a new stinker of a licence plate put on my new Mercedes Benz CLS 55 AMG: “CYBRSTR”

    Paul, you are DA MAN!

    The Cyber Playboy

  12. April 4, 2008

    Well, you have to be doing something right because i still visit and read your blog every time i get an email about a new post.
    Some of the post might not have anything to do with affiliate marketing but what the heck?? Everyone needs a break and i really do enjoy reading about something else then affiliate marketing from time to time.

    Just ignore the whiners, that’s a thing you will have to get used to as your blog grows and you get more “fame” i guess..

    Keep it up!

  13. April 4, 2008

    You are the one that lit a fire under by bootylicious behind to get started and roll like the super affiliates do! I appreciate you and your generous information and willingness to answer questions like that…

    Eff those whinny people looking for a quick fix.

  14. April 4, 2008

    Hey man, I just wanted to say I appreciate the information you’ve given already on this blog. Most people love to charge boatloads of cash for any Adwords tips they can supply but you’ve given really quality advice for free. Thank you for that!

  15. Kerry
    April 4, 2008

    Your Blog Is ALL GOOD Paul.

  16. April 4, 2008

    My care meter is off the charts too.

  17. April 4, 2008

    Hi, I’m italian you are very good, I add your blog in my feed, but I dont understand and write english very well. If you want to do a Join venture whit an italian infomarketer you can to find me in my infoprodotto network.

    Good work ;-)

  18. April 4, 2008

    Ah, I’m glad you had this rant. Now you have compiled some of the best posts into one post.



  19. April 4, 2008

    Excellent post Paul. I guess one of the downsides of running a well known and popular blog is you have to deal with reading people’s opinions…and inevidently they all won’t be positive. I think you’re doing a great job here…

  20. Ben
    April 5, 2008

    Hahahaha I love the smaxor = Hendrix analogy, classic

  21. April 5, 2008

    Those people are the ones who want the information spood fed to them. They want to just put up a pre-built web site and watch the money come in.. Well folks, better start getting out the monopoly money. You have to put time and effort into your site EVERYDAY. Putting your heart into it, combined with the information you will get from Uber Affiliate will increase your profits. You can’t sit back like a bum… bums..

  22. Wayne
    April 5, 2008

    “Now, three months later, I’m banking close to $100k a month, I dumped my old bat (some may call her my wife) and picked up a hot blonde who keeps me up all damn night long, baby! Hell, even my chest hair is growing in longer, and darker. ”

    Hahahaha.. That’s the funniest thing I have read in a long time.

  23. April 5, 2008

    Thanks for that post, it’s very encouraging.


  24. April 6, 2008

    Well, this is my first day to visit you and it would be too early for me to comment on what quality of content you are publishing but I would check all your posts eventually and keep on commenting on what I like and I dislike.

  25. April 6, 2008

    Hey Paul, look, as long as you are posting good information that benefits people in general, and you don’t forget where you came from, don’t woory about the negative people that want everything for free.


  26. Mikita
    April 6, 2008

    Just found your blog and started reading some of the past articles. Great, great stuff especially for a newbie like myself.

    Keep up the good work!

  27. Gagan
    April 7, 2008

    This is a great blog. Lots of information on building solid campaigns from top to bottom, if you put the time to read.

    But I like to see see how many people who are defending Paul actually make anything for themselves? This blog is only useful for you if you actually make something from the knowledge you get from it.

    I wonder if people defending Paul now are the same people who were criticizing him for having lack of information on his blog.

  28. April 8, 2008

    But you haven’t yet given up all your niches, sites, and keywords – how are we supposed to make big monies on internet! :|

  29. April 9, 2008

    You know what Paul, screw you! LOL!

    Okay, I’m joking… I’ve talked to you on aim a few times and you’re probably one of the most down-to-earth dudes I know. And on top of that, you’re making lots of money, gaining lots of popularity, getting TONS of e-mails and stuff yet you STILL manage to give back to us little guys.

    But I think I mentioned this to you, with the more success you get, the more hatas you’re going to get too! The more hatas you get, the more successful you know you are!

    But I have to read more on your blog, definitely informative so far!


  30. May 7, 2008

    Really inspiring man

  31. May 29, 2008

    Great post, just shows that people are not prepared to look around the archives to find out what’s been said already.

    Makes you wonder how they are planning to profit in affiliate marketing if they are not prepared to research.

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