Google Adwords Account History

A little talk has been going around here and there about Adwords and how your account history/age can affect your bid prices and quality score. But what has a bigger impact, account age or CTR/spending history? In lieu of all of this, I did what is my favorite – tested. Here’s what I tested :

I have Account A – my personal and oldest Adwords account. I’ve had it for about a year now, it’s my oldest account and I’ve done the most testing in it. Overall CTR has been BAD before in this account (as I made plenty of noobie mistakes in it), but I’ve spent a good amount of cash in it. I’d put the overall account CTR (for search) at about 1%, not the best.

I also have Account B – an account for a company I own. This Adwords account is very new, just barely 2 months old. Although it is a much higher quality account. I’ve spent about the same as in my personal account A, and my overall CTR is around 8-10%.

Here’s where the fun comes in. I threw up a new campaign for business cards (not really a niche I do heavily right now, but I have a landing page for it) in account A and bid on just the very top keywords. I then put that exact same campaign into my corporate account B. Same keywords, landing page, ad copy, bid prices. Here are the results :

Account A – 1 Year Old Account

google adwords account snapshot


Account B – 2 Month Old Account

google adwords great quality score


As you can see, there’s a VERY nice difference between the accounts here. Account B has great quality scores and minimum bids $0.26 cheaper. With my $2.00 bid, ads for Account A would show up on the 2nd and 3rd page of search results, while Account B’s ads would show up at the top of page 1.

From this test, we can conclude that a more “productive” account in Google’s eyes will start you off with lower bids and better quality score. Account age isn’t everything, even with an account with an ok CTR and decent spending history.

Why is this post useful?

If you’re thinking “ok great…so how will this help me?”, well it may help you. If you have an account that’s really old but have had some bad quality and CTR on it in the past, it’s probably better just to start with a new fresh account instead of staying with your current one thinking that the bids will stay good because of the account age. In my case, my personal account will be used no more and if I wanted to run any more campaigns on it, I’d start fresh with a new account.