YSM Cracking Down On Low-Quality

Yahoo Search Marketing is starting to tighten up with their quality score policies, and many affiliates may be hit soon (if they haven’t already). The new policy is that if you have too many “low quality ads” (which I think is 1 bar, maybe 2, I’m not positive maybe somebody can comment and clarify), they’ll just turn your entire campaign off. I’ve taken a screenshot of one of my “beserker” upload mass keywords and bid low accounts :

yahoo search marketing screen shot

As you can see, there’s a crapload of low quality ads in that account. As a result, about a week ago I got like 100 emails saying “Ad group 042 has been turned off at this time due to quality score issues.”

So what does this mean for the affiliate? Well, it means that it’s starting to become hard to go with the search and destroy method of uploading 100k bulk keywords into 1 campaign with untargeted adgroups and just bidding $0.10-0.25. While it does work pretty well, you’re going to have to start rebuilding your campaigns and breaking them down to more targeted adgroups where your ad quality score is higher. A temporary fix to this problem is to just download a copy of the campaign, delete the one in Yahoo, and then reupload it. That usually lasts a day or two before Yahoo comes and turns it off again. So it all just becomes a hassle and it’s going to be easier in the long run to just do things right.

On an off-topic note, I’m having a new header logo coming in soon to replace the ugly one up there now, so worry not fellow affiliates.

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  1. Rod
    September 13, 2007

    yea it sucks, they hit a couple of my campaigns

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