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My good pal Wes Mahler, architect of the affiliate freeware software Prosper202, has come out with some more new and awesome free tools. Their service is called Follow, it shows you exactly how your competitors advertise online. This post isn’t paid or sponsored in any way – just a cool free tool that is worth sharing.

an example of the sidebar

How does it work?

Follow installs a free extension on your browser. When you visit a site and want to learn how they acquire their customers online, simply open up the Follow sidebar. Right away you can see a ton of competitive data about the website all from your browser. You can simply scroll through the data to see it all. Here are a few of the data points that they provide:

– Traffic Trends
– Affiliate Offers
– SEO Information – (seo results & top keywords
– SEM Information – (monthly spend estimates, top ads & keywords)
– Display Advertising – (top ad networks, placements & creatives)
– Demographic Data – (gender, age, income, education, ethnicity, children)
– Latest Tweets
– WhoIs information
– Reverse IP Data – (information about other sites hosted on the same server)
– Top Competitors – (on both SEM and SEO)

Why should you care?

Well, we all should know that competitive intelligence in the marketing space is vital. It’s an age old philosophy to research what other people are doing, copy it, and test/improve upon it. Put your own landing page into the tool, find your competition, look at their landing pages/ads & look at their reverse IP to see what else they have going on.

The tools within are all available separately around the internet, sometimes free and sometimes paid…this does a solid job at aggregating the different elements of spying on campaigns.

How do you get it?

You can download it for free by visiting their website,

I’ve been playing around with it for a few hours and can say, it’s absolutely a tool you want to at least check out. Especially while it’s 100% free (because you never know what can happen when a product takes off).


  1. June 19, 2013

    thanks for the info on the follow net tool

  2. June 20, 2013

    I like that. Sounds like a stalker tool, creepy even, but I like it. I find it awesome that somehow you’re getting ahead of your competitors by knowing their actions regarding advertising. That is, if they’re not using the same tool. LOL.

    By the way, it shows a lot of data. Really cool!

  3. muttyman
    July 19, 2013

    Nice tools, but i need a system to do this automatically
    that would be great almost like personal assistant

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