LOST Series Finale : I’m…Lost…

*Spoiler alert*

So after six seasons, LOST finally concluded last night. I started watching the show three weeks before this season, I got through all of the prior five seasons in that time. Once I started watching, it seemed to get more and more confusing but I just wanted to see how the show was going to end. I wanted all the questions that had been building up to be answered. What was I left with? …Nothing.

When I first started watching, I thought it was going to be just a shipwrecked trapped on a deserted island show…cool idea. Then they bring in polar bears, Dharma, time travel, and all sorts of crazy sci-fi elements…I was loving that. In the end, they explain none of it. At the start of Season 6 they create this “side flash” storyline. The whole season everybody is wondering what that even means, but I think all of our heads were still more curious about the island. What was the black smoke? What’s really special about the island? We’re told this last season would “reveal all”, but it seemed to just keep stringing along this side flash plot-line. This all builds up to the final episode where all they do is close out the weird side flash storyline they created. How do they close it out? Oh, they’re just all dead no big deal. WHAT??!?!?!

I’m sitting there wondering :

  • What is the purpose of that black smoke?
  • How did EVERYONE else die? It’s not just Jack in that church, it’s everyone who appeared to escape on the plane too.
  • How did man in black turn into the smoke monster instantly after being thrown into that well, and why?
  • What were all the weird symbols and markings?
  • Island moving? Time travel? Yeah none of that explained.
  • Dharma Initiative? They started going into that hardcore I think the second season, and then just dropped it.
  • How is Richard immortal, and then why is he mortal in the end?
  • WTF is the light in the center of the island?

These are just questions that are coming off the top of my head. I thought it was awful to just end the finale with a 2 and a half hour reunion only to find out that they’re all united in death. Seriously…they’re all dead?

I feel like I wasted so much time on this show, anybody saying it was a great finale has become just to emotionally attached to all the characters that anything would seem good. Even them all…being…dead.

Except for Ben, but they don’t explain that either. He’s just chilling outside the church that’s in…purgatory? Earth? Where the hell are they that once they walk into a church they get to walk into heaven or wherever that white light leads?

Seriously people…you cannot be happy about this ending. If you are, you’ve been duped hard.


  1. September 12, 2010

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  2. September 12, 2010

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  3. September 13, 2010

    Lost’s greatest strength was also its fundamental weakness, questions lead to questions – answers lead to more questions. The mystery of lost drew you in, attracted you to watch it and ultimately resulted in an inability to finally conclude the plot line.

  4. September 22, 2010

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  5. October 2, 2010

    I heard that a new season is in the works. Is there any truth to that? I was hoping they’d surprise everyone and debut a new season in the fall line-up.

  6. October 4, 2010

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  7. October 14, 2010

    In order to get popular in the masses, they must make the show simple. Which they failed to do so.

  8. October 25, 2010

    the series finale could have been a lot better but i suppose it did have to end somehow

  9. December 8, 2010

    I really enjoyed watching Lost. I keep wishing for a new season but haven’t heard anything about that yet. :(

  10. December 20, 2010

    The finale was seriously wtf… I agree mate

  11. December 20, 2010

    Definitely. This was a disaster…

  12. January 1, 2011

    It seems to be a new trend these days. Even the Sopranos had a really stupid ending. Must be TV’s version of modern art. It tries to put out ten different interpretations instead of a satisfying conclusion.

  13. December 21, 2011

    ugh I really feel for you… I stopped after the 2nd season as it was becoming unbearable, i started losing track of all the mysteries i was hoping will get revealed. The creators spinned it and spinned it till they got to the point where they had no idea themselves anymore. Now that you share this i feel even more cheated

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