1. March 30, 2008

    ROFL. Reminds me of the coke machine hack. Good times.

  2. March 30, 2008

    i did this one time on accident. i went up and just asked for some ice water for my bong so i could have a session … when i got to the window i got someone else’s order. … before i drove off i had to ask again for an ice water and got it …. it was very irie.

  3. March 30, 2008

    LOL! great video there. Hmm, I would do this but I got alot friends who work at mcdonalds and I get a decent discount or sometimes I get it for free. But, This is a really great way of doing it, never thought of it.

  4. March 30, 2008

    too bad it doesn’t work with steakhouses….

  5. March 30, 2008

    Yeah, I would starve myself before I would eat McDs. Literally.

  6. March 30, 2008

    Very very nice. I wouldn’t have thought of that. I might try that one day. :D

  7. Jorge Trigueros
    March 30, 2008

    Hey! that’s really funny! So, this trick only works when you’re between 2 cars? I’ll try it one day!

    Thanks for sharing Paul!

  8. Charlie
    March 30, 2008

    Man, that’s funny, he makes it look so easy. Obviously he just incriminated himself by releasing this video that’s if that store wanted to press charges and if they knew about this video, but that was really very genius.

  9. invisible777
    March 30, 2008


    back to subway jared

  10. March 30, 2008

    lol, that’s hilarious… well the mcdonalds usually have video of the drive thru so they can always get your license plate number too. but probably not worth it over a $10 meal. haha

  11. March 30, 2008

    LMFAO that’s Horrible. I would think 1 out of ? people at the first window would see you stop and wonder wtf is he doing?

  12. March 30, 2008

    This wouldn’t work here. The MacDonalds take your money in the second window.

  13. March 30, 2008

    That’s stealing. The camera has your license plate. Go to jail for a cheeseburger. Brilliant!
    There’s another you tube video where two guys in CA did something similar at a Del Taco and got prosecuted. That’s even funnier.

  14. James
    March 30, 2008

    I think he drove off before they could ask him to pay, JC.

  15. March 30, 2008

    They even spell it differently up there? Once you guys get enough fatso’s and traffic in the line, they will get the dual drive thru joints with two windows. Until then I guess you will have to pay…

  16. March 30, 2008

    The McDonald’s website is horrible. Figured I would check it out becuase of the thread, it is just rough to look at.

  17. March 30, 2008

    Did they get video of the prosecution? They should have video replied…

  18. March 30, 2008

    hahaha. sounds really interesting video im gonna try it if it works with me

  19. March 30, 2008

    That is so funny! The video is even better when you can understand him without the subtitles!

  20. March 30, 2008

    freakin awesome. Yet eating there makes me gain a pound with every bite. Disgusting! LOL

  21. March 30, 2008

    If aff mrktg do not end up working out, I hope you’ve had enuff money saved up from your successful campaigns.

  22. March 30, 2008

    That’s John Chow filming coz he want a happy meal to post on his blog. :)

  23. March 30, 2008

    Hahahaha. If you’re so broke that you cant afford McDonalds, you probably should get a J.O.B till you can afford it. ^_^

  24. March 30, 2008

    If affiliate marketing doesn’t work out, you can always blog… I here if you post enough you can pay the rent.

  25. LOL
    March 30, 2008

    I lol’d. hard.

  26. marc
    March 31, 2008

    yah really, how poor lol. Go get yourself a job if you really think about trying this omg :]

  27. March 31, 2008

    hilarious… what comes around goes around though… :)

  28. March 31, 2008

    Silly francs,

    Here in Australia when I worked at McDonalds when i was 14, the girl in booth 1 radios to the girls in booth 2 “No order, red car.”

    But we are all fucking geniuses in Australia I suppose.

  29. D
    March 31, 2008

    Where is the info? Dont turn into John Chow

  30. March 31, 2008

    Get rich or die eating McDods:D hahahahaha

  31. Jorge Trigueros
    April 4, 2008

    Wow! I’ll have to try this one day! Just in case of emergency! ;) lol

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