Which Presidential Candidate is the Best for Affiliate Marketers?

This is a guest post from Dan Kenitz of BipolarNation.com, a nice political blog. He provides some insight and thought onto what presidential candidates would be best for us affiliate marketers (in the US).

Though this blog usually is about Affiliate Marketing and all the other brilliant private business schemes Paul has for you (/suckup), we’re in an election year. It’s important to remember that who we elect into the White House and local political offices nationwide will effect what you can and can’t do on the internet.

When online gambling was banned recently, Congress was happy to inject itself into telling us what we can’t do with our money. Depending on your point of view, this is either a good or a bad thing.

My guess, however, is that most of you UberAffiliate readers will agree that it is bad for Affiliate Marketers.

Why? Heavier government regulations will harm profit margins. Regulations have a way of hurting the big corporations (like Google and Yahoo) that give the common man easy access to lots of targeted traffic. Imagine if you had to learn Affiliate Marketing with TPC (taxes per click).

Additionally, more federal government restrictions will limit what you can sell online. Your range of offers will be limited.

So if we can assume that less government interference on the internet is better for Affiliate Markters, who is the Affililate Marketing candidate? Let’s look at those still in the race.

Barack Obama

According to his website, Senator Obama “strongly supports the principle of network neutrality to preserve the benefits of open competition on the Internet.” He does support higher payroll taxes and higher taxes on the wealthy, however.

John McCain

McCain once introduced a bill to Congress that would forbid the government to regulate the internet.

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee has also embraced Net neutrality, but he also supports the Fair Tax, which is a national sales tax, and would have implications for Affiliate Marketers.

Hillary Clinton

Like the other Democrats, Clinton has embraced Net neutrality.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul is the deregulator’s candidate. Believing some things like prostitution are best left up to the state, he would probably keep the federal government out of the Internet and let you move to the state that was most supportive of Affiliate marketers.

Traditionally, Republicans have a better record for businesses if you build a small business out of your affiliate marketing efforts. Higher payroll taxes from Democrats are a negative if you want to be Amit Mehta, for example.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, which is the beauty of Democracy. I personally think something like making money online shouldn’t be your first priority when picking a candidate (I enjoy being protected by a big military), but if it’s where you earn your full income, it’s something to consider.


  1. February 23, 2008

    This is not a hard one.

    Democrats tax the hell out of those who work hard. Then give tax breaks to those who hardly work.

    If you’re rich or making $125K+ a year. Voting for a Democrat is shooting yourself in the foot.

    All the candidates suck. The only one that does not want to put you in the poor house is John McCain. But he’s crazy as as shithouse rat.

  2. Ross
    February 23, 2008

    Vote for a Dem if you want to pay higher taxes..

    Also, in RE to Huckabee, i think the Fair Tax is in place of income tax on some level. The point of it is that EVERYONE pays taxes, including illegal immigrants. That way ppl with no SSN can’t get around not paying taxes. With Fair Tax you may be paying the same amount of tax in the end, but instead of it coming out of your pay check, you pay it when you make a purchase. I may be wrong on this, but i think that’s how it works…

    nice post…

  3. February 24, 2008

    That’s right. So with a national sales tax you tax everyone, even drug dealers and the like… and this way, instead of taxing someone for working harder and earning more money (tax on hard work???) you tax people according to their lifestyle. A more lavish lifestyle will be more costly.

  4. justin
    February 24, 2008

    When you take into consideration that Ron Paul is out of it. And Hillary is a loooooooooong shot.
    It leaves you with the republican John McCain and the Democrat Barack Obama.
    The republican national party is a threat to net neutrality. That alone means they are a direct threat to my financial security.
    Barack Obama consistently talks about ‘laying broadband across the country,’ ‘google for government,’ and it’s no wonder why Google, Bill, Steve, etc etc etc are all behind Obama.

  5. uhhhh
    February 24, 2008

    ron paul wants to eliminate the income tax.


    why is this even a comparison?

  6. February 24, 2008

    Its on posts like these that make me realize how cool liechtenstein and switzerland is. “Hiding” your money from the local IRS isnt even a crime.

  7. David Johnston
    February 24, 2008

    Excellent post Paul. I personally am a Paul supporter, but things as of late are looking grim for him. =[ Also, I would like to add that I’m really enjoying your blog.

  8. Jake
    February 24, 2008

    Get used to taxes… Look at your national debt it is not pretty!

    “I personally think something like making money online shouldn’t be your first priority when picking a candidate”

    exactly… However having a big army is perhaps not the best reason either lol.

  9. February 24, 2008

    I’m not a proponent of the Fair Tax because, like with many new taxes, there’s a good chance a sales tax would become simply a new standard of sales tax ALONG with the income tax, property tax, etc. It’s intriguing to have no corporate and payroll taxes with it, but it would be really easy for Congress to just levy some more on top of it.

    Imagine if you had to pay a transaction tax for every campaign/daily budget.

  10. February 24, 2008

    If I am not mistaken about FairTax:

    1. Everyone pays the tax (approx 23%)
    2. You don’t have to pay income tax or get your taxes cut from your paycheck – fica, social security etc
    3. End of the year, you get back a percentage of what you have already paid in taxes

  11. Matt
    February 24, 2008

    @ all – As cool as the principal of the fair tax is, you’ll never see it happen. Waaaaaaay too many jobs wrapped up in the complex morass of tax laws. You can’t get rid of that many upper-middle-class jobs in one shot since those are the people who vote.

    @ Paul – thank goodness you didn’t jump on the Ron Paul bandwagon – I am a big fan of less legislation but this guy has no viable chance to make these ideas a reality. You don’t snap your fingers and erase 200 years worth of slow momentum towards bureaucracy.

    @ wealthstore.com, I don’t really think voting for a democrat is necessarily shooting yourself in the foot. Look at what happened in the last 8 years. We have to pay for things like roads, schools (and wars) – money has to come from somewhere.

    Since we can’t get a politician in office that will make corporations pay their fair share of taxes (we give them tax breaks under the misguided belief they then share it with their employees – yeah, right) and the poor don’t have any money after buying basic life necessities and lotto tickets, somebody has to pay the piper.

    Sucks that it has to be us, but at least the Democrats are financially realistic in comparison to those we currently have running the show.

  12. JK Media
    February 24, 2008

    I really don’t get this whole big hurr-ah about the political candidates and affiliate marketing. I highly doubt that any of the candidates are going to do anything radical enough to truly affect us…

  13. February 24, 2008

    I’ve thought about this a few times personally, and I’d have to say that Ron Paul is the best choice in terms on non regulation. He’s primarily free enterprise, open to allowing people to maintain their own affairs and understands that the best economies are not government (inflation) driven, but free market driven.

    McCain is a pure politician, the perfect definition of a wolf in sheeps clothing, and I’m guessing if he’s elected, it’ll only be a matter of time before he bends to his elite buddies and starts talking more about Internet regulation.

    I think RP understands the internet more than any other candidate. I mean, he more than any other candidate has used social networking sites to his campaigns advantage, raising $6million in one day online. He also visited Google, encouraging more innovation and free enterprise.

    Anyone else in my opinion = more regulation, more taxes.

  14. February 24, 2008

    Thanks god I live in Israel :)

  15. uhhhh
    February 24, 2008

    well judging by your first sentence you know nothing about economy. Money is debt, look it up. Without debt there is no money. Our system is fucked up but if we got rid of our debt our economy would die.

  16. BigFoot
    February 25, 2008

    Typically and historically, Democrats raise taxes. It’s their little way of “solving problems”. I vote for the Fair Tax. Gives us our full paychecks and only penalizes us when we buy something (which we decide).

    For affiliate marketing it would seem the fair tax would be ideal as long as it’s done right. American’s love to spend money. Give them more of it, they will be buying more of the products we work hard to promote.

    Sadly, American politicians are becoming Robin Hood. Work hard and become successfuly and the govt will find a way to take more of what you have and give it to the lazy people sitting at home watching Jerry Springer re-runs.

  17. Monkeys-Uncle
    February 25, 2008

    I too like having a big military, I especially like it when that army invades countries so Haliburton and other Dick Cheney affiliated companies can get billions of dollars worth of contracts. Gotta love our Democracy! All candidates are douche bags except for Ronnie Pual.

  18. May 7, 2008

    Obama All the Way!!!

  19. July 27, 2008

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