Click Consultants – Another Fake?

So it seems like every big blogger out there (including myself) has posted an earnings screen shot. Recently, Derek Salyers from Click Consultants made a post saying “I make $200k/month”. He posted what he said was one of his checks from Clickbank that was like 5-6 months old. Here’s a picture of the check :

As you can see, he’s blacked out everything, the name, the date…everything. I did a simple Google Images search for “clickbank check”, and found the following :

It’s the exact same check, only with some more information…including the name that is Brad Callen. So the check was listed at 50k, and he provided another 20k screenshot, and then said the remaining 130k was dispersed between other affiliate networks and he didn’t feel like posting them. But I thought the 50k check was from 6 months ago, so that wouldn’t even factor in would it? The whole thing just screams fake to me, he edited the post a few times saying he has another way to prove it, so we’ll see I guess.

We have to expect that most people will fake it until they make it I guess, I just didn’t think someone would just search “clickbank check” and rip it straight from Google images and think that nobody would notice. Ah well.

Update : It seems like he added a snippet to the bottom of his post that says this :

The ClickBank check posted above isn’t actually one of my ClickBank checks. I haven’t gotten an affiliate check since I first started affiliate marketing, I’ve always signed up for direct deposits or wires.

Yet above in the original post, he says :

My last check that I received, before I went to wires 5 months ago, was for the amount of approx $51,000 dollars.

Doesn’t exactly match…


  1. Mike
    August 14, 2008

    Very dumb post Derek made….

    Is the Azoogle Ads screen shot under the check on his blog a fake too?

    Reason I ask is because its very easy to fake any online payment system stats. Just save page as HTML to your hard drive then go in and edit the HTML. Open the doctored file in your browser, take a screen shot and any percentages you don’t understand simply black it out…

    The sooner everyone realizes that ANY screen shot or video proof can be altered without detection the sooner everyone will stop putting so much weight into that kind of proof and save their money!

    It’s a shame …LOL

    Job well done Paul..!

  2. August 14, 2008

    Ahhhh no wonder it smell like a scam to me. Even I can’t earn myself so much from blogging let alone cheaters. I just blog for the fun of it to test the water out. Oh well….

  3. John
    August 16, 2010

    I know derek personally and he still lives at home with his parents!!LOL 200k a month

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