Comment My Blog For Traffic

I saw an interesting post the other day over at NeilsWeb involving me. He basically did a little blog comment experiment, and commented both the blog of John Chow and I. He made 5 comments over different posts (5 comments on each blog), and was going to see which blog brought him more traffic.

After 5 comments, he received a large goose egg, 0 visits from Chow. After 5 comments on my blog, he got over 85 hits to his blog – a lot of them good quality too. Sorry Chow I’m just the man and you know it. You can see all the results here.

Point of this story being: comment my blog more. Fo real though, it’s proof that simply commenting and involving yourself in other blogs is a great way to network and drive traffic to your own sites. So if you read somebodies blog, make sure to drop a comment on the post!


  1. November 9, 2009

    Interesting experiment :)

  2. April 30, 2010

    Blog commenting is a really great way to interact with the blog writer and the rest of the community.

    I generally don’t leave comments because I just like reading an article and jumping to the next post but when I’m compelled enough, I try to add some insightful comments.

    The more active you can be in the comment sections of blogs within your niche, the more authority you can bring to the table.

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