Lightning Q&A Round 1

Alright if you have questions just go to this post and leave them in a comment. I’m just going to go straight down the list starting from the top and churn through 10 questions a round. Enjoy fellas.


Jason asks…

How many campaigns do you have running at any given time, what percentage of them produce a ROI, and what percentage of what you make from those that produce ROI do you lose on those that don’t?


I usually only have 2-3 big campaigns running, I like to put all my eggs in a few baskets and dominate the niche rather than make $20/day on 100 different campaigns. They all produce a positive ROI or I wouldn’t be running them, don’t really understand what you’re trying to say.


Brady asks…

How does the ppc landscape change in terms of video in the next 18 months?

Also Paul PM’d you no response what gives?

Not sure really, I haven’t tested with video so not sure how it’s going to work out. Until a majority of pages start using them which will prove that it’s more profitable, I’ll stick with how I’m doing things now.

As far as not responding, where did you PM? I get so many IMs/PMs/emails/etc it’s impossible to keep track.


Jhon asks…

Which industry is producing most of your money in the past months for affiliate marketing?

Uhm…would you like my keywords and landing pages with that as well? Jk jk seriously though, I try to be as secretive as possible with things I run. I know a lot of people think they know what my gravy is…but…heh.


Dan asks…

Next car purchase?
Going back to college?
Other sources of income aside from AM?


1) Not sure when that’ll be. I was going to get a new one, but when I bought a house I decided to hold off on the car for a while.

2) Nope, not for a few years at least. I’d like to get a degree in nutritional science because it really interests me and always has, but too many biology and chemistry classes that have too much homework and study time, hah.

3) My blog. That’s about it for now, but I am working on developing some other resources that will drive income, one that I’ll be publicly releasing on this blog with in a month :).


Joe asks…

How much more difficult do you think PPC based affiliate marketing has gotten since you got started a year ago?

Umm, it’s a tough question to say. Reason being that I wasn’t nearly as heavily involved in PPC back then as I am now. A year ago I was doing random keywords for ringtones in Yahoo and that was it. I made bank on that for a good 6 months before I started getting into other things. But in the past 6 months or so, yeah I’d say it’s definitely getting a little more intense. It’s just naturally how competition works though, just need to find ways to stay on top.


airbball23 asks

you still do facebook ppc? any tips/suggestions on this?

Nopee. About a month ago I made a campaign, spent like $600 on it and made $150 and have been too busy/lazy to try and get anything else going.


Frank asks…

How do you hide the affiliate links?

Do you have skype?

I use a simple PHP redirect. The file name would be file.php, and then the code just looks like this (just replace the { } tags with proper < and > tags):


* Place in a blank PHP page

// Change to the URL you want to redirect to

header ("Location: $URL");


I think I have a Skype, but I never use it so I don’t know the name.


Toki asks…

Actually my question would be, what is your process for doing keyword research for creating ppc campains? what tools do you use…etc.

This article should pretty much answer your question in solid detail.


Yebot asks…

What software is crucial to success in your business? Particular in PPC …



In-house tracking + Adwords tracking via pixel. If you want a free tracking tool I suggest you look at Tracking202.


Ruzvelt asks…

How do you create initial cash for yourself? I mean, I would refer to your low budget guide, but $50-100 is all I could spare a month.

I actually created my first real PPC funding through creating a general web directory. I got it up to PR5 with a crapload of backlinks, and some guy bought it for $3,000. That was enough to really get the ball started for me. I recommend checking out some Yahoo coupons. Here’s a link for $25 free. Make a few accounts and there’s some initial money to get things going.


  1. March 21, 2008

    “2) Nope, not for a few years at least. I’d like to get a degree in nutritional science because it really interests me and always has, but too many biology and chemistry classes that have too much homework and study time, hah.”

    I would like to go back for nutritional science. I didn’t realize how much I like it until I started lifting and dieting.

  2. March 21, 2008

    May I be the one to suggest the MazdaSpeed3 as your next whip! =)

    Haha, treat yourself to something nice bro.


  3. March 21, 2008

    Thanks for answering my question!

  4. March 21, 2008

    Yep same here.

    March 21, 2008

    What was the web directory you created? Maybe you could do a post on how to do one?


  6. March 22, 2008

    With your $200T plus azoogle ads income how many blogs do you actually operate?

  7. Missy
    March 22, 2008

    Can one make money on say $30 a day with PPC? (starting out)

    I ‘ve never tried PPC, but want to try it…….perhaps on a small budget.

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