Affiliate Hotness

Things hot right now…

  • Green Tea, Acai, diet rebills
  • UK Crush
  • Dating making a comeback (dating season about to start up)
  • The usual saturation in financial offers
  • Facebook (for the smart)

If you can’t make a profit in any of the above…affiliate marketing simply isn’t for you. Pack up your bags and go home.


  1. August 29, 2008

    things not hot right now….


  2. Ahmed Kassem
    August 29, 2008

    So which of these are you making profits from? :)

  3. Yebot
    August 29, 2008

    What about the ShamWOW?

  4. LOL
    August 29, 2008

    Umm , thanks for the tips? LOL

  5. Anonymous
    August 29, 2008

    in b4 “give us your landing page, keywords and profits”

  6. August 29, 2008

    Does ShamWOW have an affiliate offer? I love that guy!

  7. August 29, 2008

    Oh noes you just gave away all my niches

  8. August 29, 2008

    Is this a serious question?

  9. John
    August 29, 2008

    I wouldn’t waste my time promoting anything else.

  10. Mike
    August 29, 2008

    Whats Aicai?

  11. John
    August 29, 2008

    it’s a berry

  12. Affiliate Queen
    August 29, 2008

    Really? that cut and dry then…

    I think those markets are WAY over saturated…thats just me. Unless anyone has tips on how to get into those without spending thousands.

  13. Yebot
    August 29, 2008

    Its made in Germany. You know the Germans always make good stuff.

  14. hahaha
    August 29, 2008

    Saturated means there’s money there. It also means there are a lot of dumbskis making money there just from the fact that they put together a campaign and probably got lucky on a couple keywords. It’s up to you to take their piece of the pie away from them. The more pie you can take the better you are then the guy you took it from.

    Never be afraid of saturated markets. If you are, don’t bother with AM.

  15. Jon
    August 29, 2008

    Yeah, especially gas chambers.

  16. August 29, 2008

    Saturated does not mean there is no money in it. If your skilled and experience you’ll get it profiting for example lets take the credit card vertical, is there money to be made in it? Yes of course. Will you profit in the beginning stages? No you’ll have to spend a ton before you start breaking even.

    Your CTR could be higher then your competitors, but guess what your competitors can be paying 5 times less then you just becuase of historical data and spending with ADWords. that’s how you get cheap clicks.

    I’m not going to discuss what market, but we have a client that has put around ~20k into his campaign he was paying around 25 dollars a click in the beginning, but now he is paying around 7-10 dollars and it keeps dropping just because he is spending. You got have a good account history and spend other then that you can make money in a lot of markets.

    Do a search for “work at home” now see all them affiliates? Now you try to jump into that and bid on the same keywords you’ll pay 3 times as much as them for a good 3-4 months reguardless of how good your CTR is for the given moment.

  17. Affiliate Queen
    August 29, 2008

    Really? For a good 3-4 months I’ll be paying three times as much?

    I don’t know…the very saturated markets scare me just because of the amount of money you have to put in and lose. Its one thing to lose hundreds and then quite another to lost thousands…but I do understand thats the nature of the business. I guess until I’m raking in 50k a month off affiliate marketing, I won’t be trying to jump into Casino, ringtone, credit cards, and other extremely saturated markets.

    Any suggestions for a newbie? I’ve had luck with smaller campaigns and tried a larger one where I was spending 1g a day. After 7 days and still not breaking even..I just decided to call it quits on that one since my wallet cant take it just yet.

  18. August 29, 2008

    If you find a new niche that is not been exploited yet you can profit right away, but most generally you have to spend a ton before you break even. Which of course your going to have to do a lot of testing, but what really brings your click cost down is spending over time and bring your CTR up.

    It could be sooner, I’m just saying 3-4 months because it takes a long time depending on how competitive the market is and etc. Also your not losing money, your investing it :).

  19. Affiliate Queen
    August 29, 2008

    hmmm…that does all make sense. Thank you for the advice :-)

    Hope to be in the high ranks soon!


  20. TF
    August 29, 2008

    Preach, brotha!

  21. zero1two
    August 29, 2008

    ShamWOW isn’t listed because shamwow sells itself. Noobs.

  22. August 29, 2008

    Facebook (for the smart)… LOLOLOL

    Cause playing facebook is the hardest platform in the world.

    I know retards that can make 1g a day with facebook… come on!

  23. Tip Jar
    August 29, 2008

    I wanna buy a ShamWOW

  24. John
    August 29, 2008

    Markets become saturated because they are profitable. You have to find you way to break in.

  25. John
    August 29, 2008

    You have to outsmart the ad nazi’s though. Face book traffic is gold if you can get an add approved.

  26. August 29, 2008

    Ouch. Now cmon this is a serious forum. What about sauerkraut?

  27. August 30, 2008

    You mean ScamWOW? ;)

  28. Affiliate Queen
    August 30, 2008

    so how exactly do you outsmart the ad nazi’s? I just tried putting up an ad and they declined it. They are worse than Yahoo!

  29. gee
    August 30, 2008

    what a useless post

  30. August 30, 2008

    Did someone really ask what Acai was?

    Facebook is a pain in the ass. It just makes me want to win all that much more.

    When something is saturated, it screams, “There’s money over here!”

  31. Yebot
    August 30, 2008

    it’s a berry that falls out of the sky

  32. John
    August 30, 2008

    That is why it is so profitable. It’s hard to get in, but once you do it is nice.

  33. Affiliate Queen
    August 30, 2008

    haha yes that seems to be what everyone is saying about saturated markets which I am now going to re-try. Forgive me as I am fairly new to the game!

    Facebook so far today has been annoying as hell. Apparently they don’t allow certain products to be advertised either. And if my grammar is incorrect it’s the end of the world. I am interested to see how good it really is being that the ad would be seen by over 25 million people. That is quite a lot of view and clicks.

  34. Linling
    August 30, 2008

    On which network can i sign up for the crush offer?

    Ill signup through your link if anyone has one setup.


  35. AffNut
    August 31, 2008

    Shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up

    fbfb8888 at gmail

  36. Crush offer
    August 31, 2008

    Cx digital has it exclusive. heres a link

  37. Frederik Boruman
    August 31, 2008

    There’s something you guys DON’T GET AT ALL!

    Look at the financial niche, for example payday loans. Do you really think you can interfere with companies which make like $300 profit if someone lends money from them with your stupid $8 first page CPA offer???? lol…
    I always wonder why all you guys get so stuck on this affiliate crap. you will just never be able to be competitive in the financial niche with stupid cpa offers…
    Same with edu, health, insurance, etc…
    if you are an insurance broker and bring a customer to a insurance company, you make like $1,000… you really think you can compete with your $30 eLifePolicy campaign??? think about it…….

  38. August 31, 2008

    Yeah actually you can…I do…

  39. Affiliate Queen
    August 31, 2008


    I get what you are saying, but what you are missing is that when an insurance broker( I currently am one btw) signs a client for life insurance, we have to manage the client. We have to meet with the client numerous times, walk them through the process, then deal with their BS before, during and after they sign.

    If I can make $30 on Life insurance leads, while sleeping, shopping or basically being on autopilot, I will take the $30 VS $1,000(which is actually really high, for most policies we make about 100-200 for average familes) ANYDAY.

    Like I said, it may SEEM like it’s not worth it to be doing AM for those campaigns, but clearly it is otherwise no one would do it.


  40. September 1, 2008

    Hmm, some of those are good
    Otherwise just tap into some smaller markets

  41. September 1, 2008

    haha, according to me neverblueads is the hottest atm

  42. September 1, 2008

    Green Tea Ads Are Booming

  43. September 1, 2008

    Any preferred Market Leverage offers?

  44. September 1, 2008

    I don’t agree there, if you can’t make a profit there, try other niches, you never know which one is right for you.

  45. September 1, 2008

    what a useless comment

  46. September 1, 2008

    paul is hot…bid him on adwords!

  47. September 1, 2008

    i guess dating is kinda hot right about now!

  48. September 2, 2008

    I just started doing CPA offers. I started a small dating campaign last week., and iam making money from it! Just try,test,tweak…

  49. September 3, 2008

    I feel kinda stupid for not trying Facebook yet.

    What am I missing…?

  50. i haven’t made a profit from either one of those *sobs*…im packin my bags

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