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last updated 7/9/2013

Welcome to the epiphany in your affiliate marketing career. What I’m going to present here is a constantly updating mega affiliate marketing guide. It will be article links from blogs and forum posts. You will find everything you need to get you started with affiliate marketing, which means never again will you PAY FOR ANY AFFILIATE MARKETING INFORMATION. There’s too much quality free stuff out there for you to waste time and money buying something else. I’ve sifted through blogs to find the top informational posts that covers most topics of affiliate marketing. If you read every article in this guide and still go out and buy an affiliate marketing eBook without putting what you just learned to good use, you’re stupid. These articles will give you a very solid background into affiliate marketing and all the different techniques you can use. All you have to do is go out there and test what you learned. Keep what’s converting, and drop what isn’t. As I’m completely positive I haven’t covered every good article out there, make sure to contact me and hit me up with some links to add.

My CPA Networks and Tools

I’m just going to list out the affiliate networks I use, as well as the tools (paid and unpaid) I use when starting up a campaign. I recommend signing up for every affiliate network out there (even the ones I don’t mention), as each network has different offers with different payouts. You can be doing sweet on a niche, sign up with another network, and find out that they have a higher converting offer that pays out more. None of the paid tools are necessary, but each of them has their own special use to me and that’s why I use them.

I also stay up-to-date on affiliate industry blogs using AffPosts.com, so check that out for recent news.

My Networks



Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Discovery
Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion
SEO Book Keyword Tool

Tracking Tools

Prosper202 Self-Hosted Tracking

Other Tools

Facebook Ads Manager
Plenty of Fish Ads Uploader
Keyword Companion

Complete N00bies

If you just heard from the grapevine that affiliate marketing is cool, but have no idea what it is, here are some background articles for you to gobble up.

Affmen Free Affiliate Marketing Course
What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing FAQ
Nickycakes Newbie Guide
Affiliate Marketing – Wikipedia
8 Beginner Questions and Answers

General Guides

Some general all around guides on affiliate marketing, and getting an affiliate campaign up and profiting as fast as possible. Good overall reads.

Free Affiliate Marketing Guide
Launching a Campaign From 0 to Profitibility
Launching a Campaign From 0 to Profitibility – Part II
The Super Affiliate’s Guide to PPC Marketing

Choosing a Niche

Thoughts on ways to select a niche that will be profitable for you.

Hot Affiliate Niches in 2013
How to Research Affiliate Niches
Researching Affiliate Niches in 2012
Picking a Niche is Everything in Affiliate Marketing


Different affiliate marketing strategies and things to think about.

How to Build a Profitable Campaign on a Limited Budget
Landing Page or Redirect?
Diversification or Domination?
What PPC Engine to Start With
Affiliate Marketing On A Low Budget

Landing Pages

What the user sees after they click on your ad. The landing page game is changing now, read up and get ahead of the crowd.

Setting Up Your First Landing Page
Types of Landing Pages
Landing Pages And The Urgency Of Time
Mad lib form style testing results
Creating an Adwords-Ready Landing Page
Landing Page Quality Score
Cloaking Affiliate Links
Landing Page Keys to Success


What the user sees after they click on your ad. The landing page game is changing now, read up and get ahead of the crowd.

Photoshop Guide For Affiliates

Keyword Research

Researching keywords is something most people complain about, hopefully you’ll get some good tips and shut your yap.

Uber Keyword Research
Keyword Research Secrets


Any good affiliate will tell you: track, track, and track. Testing and tracking are so important if you want to really take your campaigns to the next level.

Landing Page Rotation Script
Keyword Tracking with Encryption
Split Testing Affiliate URLs

Writing Ads

How to write compelling ads that users want to click on.

Writing Your First Ads
Creating PPC Ads That Stand Out From the Crowd

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Getting that CTR up in your ads.

6 Seductive CTR Tips
Tuesday Tips – Improving Landing Page CTR

Conversion Rates

Getting the user to convert once they make it to the landing page.

How to Split Test Your Landing Pages
11 Ways to Improve Landing Pages
How To Build Landing Pages That Convert

CPC/CPM Advertising

How to advertise smart in search engines and on web/social sites.

The 1 Penny Tip
How Super Affiliate Set Their Bids
How to Increase CTR of Your Facebook Ads

PPV Advertising

Those annoying popunders you get when browsing your favorite sites. Yeah…that could be you.

TrafficVance – Demographics & Tips
PPV Network Reviews
A Simple Way to Split Test PPV Landing Pages Without a Rotator
3 Ways to Increase Your PPV Landing Page CTR
Laser Targeting Your PPV Campaigns

Media Buying

Ready to play with the big boys?

Tips on Media Buying


Google Adwords

So annoying that it gets it’s own category.

Getting Cheap Traffic on Adwords
Optimizing Google Content Campaigns
Google content network basic strategy
Conquering The Google Content Network
10 Adwords Mistakes
14 Adwords Tips for Beginners
49 Tips on Adwords

Traffic Guides

Guides written about utilizing specific traffic sources.

The Beginners Guide To Advertising On Facebook
Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Money.

PHP Codes/Tools

Write your own tools instead of paying for a programmer.

Free Geo IP Javascript To Increase Conversions On Your Campaigns
Monetizing International Traffic


Misc. tricks that may give a small boost to some of your campaigns.

Increase Landing Page Relevance with Domain Aliasing

Advanced Tactics

Once you’re a beast at your niche, some super affiliate tactics.

Becoming An Advertiser : Part 1 (Overview)
How To Scale A Campaign

Case Studies

My favorite way to learn is by reading other people’s experiences and experiments that they post to the public.

CS1.1 – Pay Per Click Case Study Part 1
CS1.2 – Pay Per Click Case Study Part 2 – Keyword Research
CS1.3 – Pay Per Click Case Study Part 3 – Landing Pages and Tracking
CS1.4 – PPC Case Study Part 4 – Advice, Tips and Campaign Structure
CS1.5 – PPC Case Study Part 5 – Campaign Update and a Top Secret Tool
CS1.6 – Pay Per Click Case Study Part 6 – Stats Recap and Going Forward
How I Generated $1,700,000 in Auto Sales Despite a Weak Economy
Plenty of Fish Case Study – CPM Bid Effects – Results
How I made $7,144.00 using TrafficVance.
$10k PPC Experiment
$10k PPC Experiment Part II
Facebook Experiment
Case Study : Diet Pills – How I Ran It
Pay Per Click Network Challenge


Information-Packed Forum Threads

Threads that are packed with good conversation about affiliate marketing. You may find one or two gems.

NEW Facebook Ads
Plentyoffish Self Serve Advertising.
UKoffer Question Thread

Super Affiliate Mindsets


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    Great blog post. Going to be a good reference!

  8. October 2, 2007

    Excellent stuff,
    Only link I’d question is Wordtracker paid as I find their keyword search volume reports can be way off. Spyfu.com imho completes the Keyword Research list.


  9. October 2, 2007

    for the keyword lists I would say KeywordSpy is the best, but wordze should be in there too.


    Nice list though, a lot of stuff to sift through that’s for sure.
    Keep it up SUP3RNOVA

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    Great stuff…I love that you are giving away alot of the same info that other IM are charging for..

    Your blog has become my favorite discovery of the year.

    Looking forward to yoir future posts..


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  14. October 4, 2007

    Two quick questions. I am trying to sign up for an affiliate. What do most people do, enter an SS# or get a tax ID? Also the site I plan to advertise on is like what you had done on facebook, what do I enter for my “website URL/Traffic/Etc…”? I am very new to this.

    I want to turn $80 into $200 if possible… Then see how far this can go.

  15. October 4, 2007

    Unless you’re running it under a corporation, just use your SSN.

    For your website, just put “affiliate landing pages”.

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    Hey Paul,
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    Hey great information. i just subscribed to your blog. i’m a struggling affiliate. hope to turn that around. thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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    This is a great list! Do you think you’ll be publishing a guide that’s more kinda ‘step by step’ or is there an assumption that people already know some of the basics?

  22. October 8, 2007

    SUP3RNOVA, i know you from digitalpoint forums. You’re a helpful guy. I have a question. Hopefully other can benefit for it as well.

    As an affiliate do you encourage newbies to test water with ppc promoting clickbank products or promoting lead (zip, email and name) offers from networks like copeac and CPA Empire. I have seen zip and email offer on both networks with payout of $1-$5. Which network do you recommend?

    I have had okay experience with promoting clickbank products. However, the conversion rate is really low. I have never tested promoting small zip and email offers. I imagine, the conversion rate is probably really high with these? What’s yout experience is been like with these offers?

    Please share.

  23. Tolits
    October 8, 2007

    Yes, I agree to Daniel saying “for the keyword lists I would say KeywordSpy is the best, but wordze should be in there too.”

    I used keywordspy too and it gives me an opportunity to immediately track down competitors and gather keywords for the promotional campaign of my online business.

    KeywordSpy is keyword research technology where you can also earn and even surpass what your competitors are making with Google Adwords and Overture. KeywordSpy gives you the key to their success: a good ad-campaign with the right keywords.

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    I also linked you off of my website.. You got yourself another loyal reader!


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