Gaming Youtube for Cash

Alright enough Q&A’s (although I do want to get through all of them) and vacation posts…it’s time for some money-making content.

This post wasn’t actually in my agenda, but I’m squeezing it in as I just kind of stumbled over it and found it interesting. I was browsing YouTube, and found a site that is possibly cashing in on hundreds of thousands of free impressions. I was on vacation yesterday and missed American Idol which I like to watch (I love music and play the drums), so I was watching some of the performers on last night’s episode when I stumbled upon the user RealIdolFans. It was pretty obvious what caught my eye, here’s a screenshot of the very beginning (and end) of the video :

Basically it’s an ad telling users that they can get their American Idol ringtones at If you go to Idol Rings you can see it’s just a rip of a basic ringtone landing page, they just altered the graphics a little bit to make it look like it’s IdolRings’ custom website.

When the video of the show actually starts, they have a little Idol looking watermark thing in the bottom corner of the video. Their ad is showing during the entire video, and almost looks like it’s a part of the show.


They also have a link to the landing page in the first line of the video description.


I looked in a little further and checked out the profile of RealIdolFans and saw the following information :


RealIdolFans joined just 1 day ago, but in that day has watched almost 1,100 videos. Now either this person is a REAL YouTube addict, or they had some automated script go through and watch 1,000 movies to make their profile look credible.

After one day, this person already has over 50 video subscribers, and around 10,000 views per video (most have over 10k, one of them has over 50k views in less than 24 hours). With every new week, subscribers for RealIdolFans should jump up as well as video views. This person has found a way to get thousands of ringtone clicks at no cost (aside from taking time to upload all the videos). Do I have any idea if they’re even making money with it? No, but I’m sure they’ve done at least a few leads.

Moral of this story…once again think outside the box when it comes to affiliate marketing! There are plenty of other ways to make money on affiliate programs aside from just PPC landing pages. This person is exploiting the millions of YouTube views every day by building a follow-ship and then using it to sell ringtones to the perfect target audience.