AffSpy – Affiliate Intelligence

I’m about to release a pretty revolutionary tool that will change the affiliate industry, which flows along nicely with their slogan “Change the Game”. You heard it from here first, may I present…



AffSpy – Affiliate Intelligence

Now right now, the private beta release isn’t actually live yet but will be in about a week (only select people will be able to test it then). I am good friends with the founder of AffSpy and was able to go into the beta and take some screenshots and let you guys know how cool it’s going to be. Sign up to the VIP list on the homepage to get all the updates and exact date of release. We’re going to be getting a table at the meet market at Affiliate Summit which I believe is on Sunday morning, so if you want to see me stop by there. I’ll be lookin’ like this :



Alright so now what is AffSpy? Right now, it’s basically a search that pulls data from all the top affiliate companies and displays it right in front of you. Say you’re running Flycell on ringtones right now and you want to know if you’re getting the highest payout. Go to the search and just type in “flycell”, and see the results shown below (click to enlarge) :



Now we find the offer that we’re promoting. The first option is the one we want, and we see that 6 networks have it, and the highest shelf payout is $16.50. Let’s click it and compare the payouts…



You can instantly compare payouts from different networks. What does this mean? You can find other networks with the same offer but offer a higher payout – which means more money in your pocket…awesome. In the screenshot above you can scroll down further and there are a bunch of other offers/networks to look at. We can see that Copeac has the highest payout at $16.50/lead. We can preview the landing page and add this offer to our favorites list.

We can also view the banner/email creatives right from AffSpy, without even having to join/login to the network. Just click on the little button and down they pop :



There’s like a million other banners if you scroll down more – really cool. So right now we can research and find the network with the highest payout on any offer we want. We can also research new offers with AffSpy. Say you’re promoting ringtones using Flycell, but you’re looking for something that will convert better. Just go in the search bar and search “ringtones”. You’ll see 34 offers come up :



We can browse a ton of networks instantly and research other offers out there. Again really helpful, time saving, and money saving. If we navigate to the Browse tab at the top, we can see a nice little advanced search :



You’ll be able to search for offers by keyword, country, promotion type, network, etc. On the side you’ll also see quick links to new and top campaigns. No more having to pay attention the 25 emails you get every day from networks with their “new offer reports”. Just go here and check everything out and maybe find an offer you normally wouldn’t find.

Overall, it looks like an awesome tool and the best part for affiliates is that it’s going to be free. You can meet the AffSpy team at the table at ASW as well as sign up for the private beta list. The list is limited to 100 affiliates so make sure you stop by Table #90 early to get on it. Enter your email on to be notified when it’s open to the public.