You Guys Are Crazy!

So yesterday I mention that there’s only a day left in my contest, and with only like 4 entries it’d be really easy to win. I’m figuring I’ll get a couple more, everyone will have great odds, and I’ll only have to look over about 6 articles.

I wake up this morning and there’s like 40 new articles submitted! That’s awesome though, hopefully there’s some great content that we can all learn from in there. I’m going to start looking through them today and then announce the winners 1 by 1 and post their article. Updates should be coming later in the week.

Thanks for all the articles, you guys rock.


  1. June 23, 2008

    To bad i have not began with affiliate marketing.
    And that probably the only error i made. ;)
    Not much do write about, but maybe next time.

  2. Tushar Dhoot
    June 23, 2008

    Haha, well that’s what you get for attracting so much attention to a great contest.

  3. June 23, 2008

    Hahaha good luck reading all those articles I think mine was either in the 4 your are talking about. Really want to win.

  4. June 23, 2008

    Good to hear. I am sure the knowledge available in the 40 articles could be worth more than the prizes. :-)

  5. June 23, 2008

    well … you asked for it :)

  6. I was going to enter, but then realised that this might happen :D

  7. June 23, 2008

    Damn all the last minute entries…messing up my odds lol.

    But hopefully we will get to see a bunch of them later. Paul, if you don’t end up publishing more than the top 3 winners, maybe ask the “losers” to then post the articles on their own blogs and you will link to them…like you could do one master list of the main points of what not to do then link to their post for the explanation/story. That is, if you don’t plan to publish all the good ones which would be cool too.

    Can’t wait to see the winners! Thanks again.

  8. Eric
    June 23, 2008

    You’re getting owned by Nicky Cakes.

    Why don’t you two get a room and get it over with.

  9. June 24, 2008

    Yipiyey, :)

    Can’t wait the result

    Good luck everyone! :)

  10. The Cake is lie
    June 24, 2008

    nickycakes is a little whiny bitch that sucks at linkbait. But hey, if you want a definition of what cloaking is, of course without any real tips or advice, head on over there. You would think that a reformed blackhat would actually have some useful post that had some meat. But instead we see he was pathetic as even a blackhat.

    cakes can talk shit on everyone but doesn’t provide shit himself. Funny how that works. But at least he has a lot of interweb friends to laugh at his dumb jokes.

  11. The Cake is lie
    June 24, 2008

    By the way, I’m a noob who doesn’t have anything to offer myself so if even I can see that..

    Cakes, instead of spending all your time trying to bait dumbasses for links, how about actually posting some solid tips/info that isn’t just rehashed post from wickedfire?

  12. June 25, 2008

    coolio dude that makes u a super duper dude! lol

  13. June 25, 2008

    Iam looking forward the results

  14. June 25, 2008

    Haha, I think that’s something called procrastination! haha :) Makes the world go round. haha.

  15. jimm01
    June 25, 2008

    Thats exactly right. Guy is a huge whiny beatch.

  16. Kate
    June 30, 2008

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  17. July 1, 2008

    Congrats to all of the winners, this was a pretty decent sized contest

  18. July 8, 2008

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  19. August 7, 2008

    It’s too bad i missed this one, let me know if you do another one!

  20. October 26, 2010

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