Dennis Yu : Matchstick Man

A lot of chat has been going on recently of this Dennis Yu character. Dennis has been recently revealed as a con-man, with his failed local search company operating as a cover-up for porno websites. Sound crazy? Don’t take my word for it :

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I’ll try and summarize this all into a short paragraph.

Dennis Yu built himself up as a pioneer of legitimacy in our industry. He ran a company that did local search campaigns for companies. He lied about his “investors”, number of employees, and profitability. It all ended up being a cover for porn sites. This I can confirm. I was out to lunch with Volk and a few other friends including Dennis at the time. See us all so happy here (yeah ignore those faces, bit of an inside joke) :

We’re at lunch and I can’t remember what happened, but Dennis had his laptop out and started playing a porn video. He was showing us ads or something, but we were all pretty confused why he was blasting a porn video in the Cheesecake Factory.

I let him write some guest posts for me. A few months ago he said he wanted to launch an article series that was for Scott Richter (who kicked Dennis out of his building), but it was really just promoting his BlitzLocal company hard. He also outed some Facebook strategies on TechCrunch, bringing much unwanted attention for affiliates.

I don’t think we’ll be seeing him at many conferences soon, but just in case : make sure to stick away and not buy into his b/s.